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Viruses, Trojans and Adware

The word "Trojan horse" arouses different associations in our memory. Some people are plunged into the reminiscences of the intrigue performed by smart Greek. And as for computer users they recollect at once cunning and dangerous malware that is in fact Trojan horse.

Trojan horse is a program that brings infection to your computer, thus allowing hackers to steal private information without your permission. As you've understood this program is not innocent at all. It enjoys playing tricks with the user. Moreover it is practically impossible to identify Trojan horse as it disguises itself. Trojan horse usually enters the user's computer system in two ways. The first is through "legal software" with malignant code. The second one is through an image, song or game with inserted in it malignant program. So you download "a music file" or "a game" that erases your disc and helps hackers at the same time.

Trojan horse is a very small 124 Kbytes program. There are many types of Trojan that can properly hide somewhere in your computers, for example - Server.exe, Edit Server.exe and other files with extensions "exe", "vbs", "com", "bat" etc. In case your computer has been infected it displays the very first symptoms. First of all the computer starts to reboot by itself. The monitor turns on and off. The modem connects the Internet whenever it wants. Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't agree to work properly. The wallpaper or settings are changed at once. The browser goes to an unknown webpage. The right and left mouse buttons exchange their functions. You can't find the Window Start button. You see some programs load and unload on their own and many others.

In most cases anti-Trojan programs and anti-virus software can only detect Trojan but they are not able to remove it effectively. That's why there exists a special Trojan remover for Windows 95/98/NT/Millennium/XP. It was created to allow the user to remove acquired malware without editing system files manually, including the Registry. This program has another advantage. It eliminates the additional system modifications which spyware removers don't notice. The program has the ability to scan for Trojans automatically every time you start your computer. Complete re-installation and cleaning the hard drive is still the most successful means of deletion Trojan horse.

After having your computer cured you should be more careful so as to avoid being infected again. If you are really eager to keep your computer secure, try to download only from the sites you have strong confidence in. Usually Trojan horses are sent by email. If you are not sure about email, scan it or even delete. Moreover before downloading anything it would be reasonable to check file extensions as there could be hidden ones. Once you know how to get rid of Trojan horse virus, you can keep your computer clean by being more attentive and particular about what downloads you receive in the future.

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