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File Extension SAV

SAV stands for "saved". SAV is very similar to BAK, SAV and TEMP file extensions and is used to store temporary information which application needs to save for future use.

File Extension TMP stands for "temporary" and is frequently used to store temporary information. Lots of applications use this file format and it is close to impossible to find a specific application which would allow viewing this file format.

Note that often TMP files are created by application for a very limited period of file and will be deleted shortly after creation. Thus if you want to preserve content of this file it would make sense to copy it somewhere.

TEMP file extension has the same meaning as TMP file extension and is used to store "temporary" information.

BAK file extension is very similar to TMP and TEMP file extensions. The only difference is that it is used to store "backup" information. Usually "backup" information is a reserve copy of the information which is used when primary copy fails or becomes corrupted.

The best way to see what is in TMP, TEMP, BAK or SAV file is to open it using some text or hex editor like notepad or FAR. By looking at the file content in the editor you can try to guess what kind of content it is used to store. It would be very easy to recognize textual information but for binary data you may need to consult with computer professional.

There are many ways to open file with specific file extension. There could be also multiple applications which you can use to open SAV file. Learn more how to open SAV file. Also you can try using hex or text editors like HexView or Notepad++ to open sav files.

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