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File Extension MDF

It is quite hard sometime to figure out which application is responsible for file extension MDF since there are around 10. But most frequently MDF stands for Alcohol 120%'s proprietary disk image format. It is used to store exact copy of optical disk image on your local hard drive. It is very useful when you want to store optical disk content somewhere else to prevent data loss.

Other potential definitions of MDF file are following: Machine Data File, I-deas Master Drafting, Molecular Data File, Insight II, Menu Definition File, Schneider Electric ProWORX Nxt Memory Data, Master Database File, database of Microsoft SQL Server, Star Trek: Armada Map File Title & Image Information, Multi-Dictionary Formatter, a dictionary format from software products of SIL International, Measurement Data File, CANAPE Recorded data file. Contains the signals data stored during the automotive testing.

DAA is proprietary file format developed by PowerISO computing for disk image files. File extension DAA could only be opened by PowerISO software. In its structure this file extension is very similar to ISO and BIN. Note that Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools currently do not support DAA file extensions.

File extension ISO is used to name disk images stored in ISO 9660 file system format. ISO file extension is one of the most popular extensions to store disk images. Besides data file it can store boot code which allows creating bootable disk from ISO images.

CUE file (sometimes it is also called CUE sheet) is a plain text file that specifies how the tracks on compact disk should be laid out. So if you have CUE file you most probably will be able to open it using text editor or disk image burner software.

File extension DMG and DMG disk image format are used by Mac OS X. DMG files are used and created by utilities which come with MAC OS X. There are also several utilities on the market which allow conversion of DMG file format into ISO (ISO could be then easily opened by any disk burner).

File extension UIF is used by MagicISO to store disk image files. It is similar to other disk image file formats but could be opened only by MagicISO software.

There are many ways to open file with specific file extension. There could be also multiple applications which you can use to open MDF file. Learn more how to open MDF file. Also you can try using hex or text editors like HexView or Notepad++ to open mdf files.

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